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hemiplegic migraine

The patient has a migraine variant, such as hemiplegic migraine。

hemiplegic migraine 2The following may be considered indications for prophylactic migraine therapy:

  • Migraine variants, such as hemiplegic migraine or rare headache attacks producing profound disruption or risk for permanent neurologic injury
  • Frequency of migraine attacks is greater than 2 per month
  • Duration of individual attacks is longer than 24 hours

hemiplegic migraine 3

  • hemiplegic migraine 4The headaches cause major disruptions in the patient’s lifestyle, with significant disability that lasts 3 or more days
  • Abortive therapy fails or is overused
  • Symptomatic medications are contraindicated or ineffective
  • Use of abortive medications more than twice a week
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